Tim Byrne
Number of years in the fine wine trade:
18 years.
Favourite area of wine interest & why:
When I first started in the business I found the wines of Australia were the most easy to understand. Our clients for Australian wines were very knowledgeable and like-minded, so from them I gained plenty of passion for the wines and a good number of friends.
Most memorable wine moment:
I have many great wine memories but I think that the most memorable stem from my childhood, where I was fortunate enough to taste many of the great wines enjoyed by my parents. I remember most vividly the picnics we enjoyed, there was always excellent food and of course a lovely wine to accompany it. A 1971 J. J. PrĂ¼m Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett instantly springs to mind as a wine that had me captivated by its fragrance, elegance and complexity, although I do remember complaining that it was a little too sweet. At only 12 years old I knew something amazing had invaded my senses and unknowingly planted the seed that is, that a truly great wine is unforgettable.
Favourite food & wine match:
I am a huge fan of game and I think that a simple roast partridge or pheasant accompanied by something equally intense and savoury is just wonderful. A mature red Burgundy or Barolo is the perfect pairing as both elements represent the fascinating colours and fragrances that are all things autumnal.
Interests outside the business:
My wife and three children, dining out, entertaining, snooker, fishing and cricket.