Andrew Byrne

Number of years in the fine wine trade:
42 years
Favourite area of wine interest & why:
My favourite area has to be Spain because of the overall quality and variety of the wines. But I have to admit a huge soft spot for whisky because of its great diversity and perhaps because I have visited all the Irish and Islay distilleries and a fair few of the Speyside ones!
Most memorable wine moment:
Visiting Michael Lafarge. After a cellar tour and tasting he took from a bin on the floor a 1959 Beaune-Greve (placed there apparently by his father) as an aperitif before lunch – I can still taste it!
Favourite food & wine match:
Steak and Kidney pie with a good Cotes du Rhone Village or perhaps spicy Chinese food with a Colosia Fino.
Interests outside the business:
Spending time with my large family and cooking.