At D. Byrne & Co. our experts start young! In the year 2000, when Joseph Byrne was just 13 years old and whilst holidaying on Islay with his family, he entered a blind nosing of malt whiskies.

From ‘Whisky Magazine’

Spirits “Do young people enjoy whisky? 13 year old Joe Byrne certainly does. Nosing but not tasting, he identified four out of eight local malts in a competition at the Islay Festival of Whisky and Music. His prize was a bottle of Laphroaig. Joe was there with his nine year old brother Alexander and their parents. The Byrnes seem to be quite a family: they run a successful wine merchant’s, with a good selection of malts, in the small northern English town of Clitheroe. The only people who did better than Joe in the nosing (all with five correct) were his father Andrew ….. [and a small group of whisky experts]”

We carry a vast array of spirits, displayed floor to ceiling in the shop. Though we obviously have a soft spot for malt whiskies we also specialize in gins, vodkas, unusual liqueurs, brandies, armagnac’s, sherries and ports.

Our whisky collection begins with the favourites but stretches out to rare malts and specialist bottlings. We also have available many whisky related gift items for all pockets.

If cocktails are your thing we also have all the ingredients you could want.